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Bad Movie Club

The Bad Movie Club is dedicated to the unintentional hilarity that can be found in many lesser examples of the art of filmmaking. We meet once a week to watch movies that while "bad" might not be the most accurate word, they're certainly not good in the normal sense. We try to find movies that are fun to watch, just not for the usual reasons, and usually not for the ones intended by the filmmakers. We throw in some Mystery Science Theater 3000 every so often, because sometimes we come across genuinely bad films. It's fun for everyone! Especially if you bring an unsuspecting friend along with you.

Meetings: 7:00pm Fridays, Student Center Louie


  • Arts and Performance
  • Media
  • Recreation/Club Sports
  • Special Interest

Constitution: Link

Classification: Independent Student Group


Name Position Email
Adam Bezecny Captain and Bee Keeper
Rachel Forrest Lt. Commander
Xavier Walcome Comander

All email addresses end with “@morris.umn.edu”

Last Updated: 01/23/2014 4:18 p.m.